Wipebook is a Handy, Dandy Reusable Whiteboard Notebook


People are always saying that you should write down thoughts or sketch ideas as they hit you, because you’re bound to forget them if you wait, even for a little while. There’s just something about seeing those doodles and notes in front of you that makes plans and concepts much more real. A lot of folks I know use a stylus with their tablets or smartphones along with a notepad app to do this. But sometimes, it’s just not the same as using pen on paper or whiteboard pen on whiteboard.

For the latter, there’s Wipebook. It’s essentially a notebook that’s got sheets of whiteboard inside instead of paper. Write, doodle, scribble, take notes, and construct graphs using a dry erase pen, and just wipe the pages clean when you’re done with your notes or change your mind about your ideas.

The team behind Wipebook is seeking funds to turn version 2 of the product into a reality. Its features include:

  • You can use a dry erase solution like a correctable marker without ghosting. This new version is specifically made for dry erase and correctable markers, instead of water soluble markers.
  • Users told us they wanted something that was as smooth as a typical whiteboard. Our new UV gloss solution makes each page especially smooth.
  • The added smoothness of Wipebook 2.0 makes it especially easy to erase.

Wipebook is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of $10 CAD (about $9.44) will get you one of your very own.