Wintek Rumored To Manufacture Apple Tablet


By Chris Scott Barr

With Apple’s WWDC coming up quick, there are plenty of rumors swirling around the interwebs. I don’t think anyone really doubts that there will be a new iPhone announced, but my favorite rumor is of the Apple Tablet. This is one of those rumors that just won’t die, mostly because so many people are wishing that it would be real. As often as these rumors crop up, I’m actually surprised that Apple has yet to show any real interest in such a product. In case you weren’t sure where all of this was going, there’s a rumor about a new Apple tablet floating around.

This time someone has nailed down Wintek as the supplier for this seemingly imaginary product. Essentially they are supposed to be providing an “e-book form factor netbook product.” The main uses for the touchscreen tablet will be internet browsing, and VoIP, which strikes me as a bit odd. Sure, I’d browse the net on a 10-inch tablet, but don’t you think I’d look a bit silly with that thing up against my head? Yes, a headset would seem the more likely solution, but it still seems like a strange application for an oversized iPod Touch. The rumor pegs the device as launching sometime in 2010, which means that we may or may not hear about this at the WWDC next month (provided that it’s true in the first place).

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