WINGStand Keyboard Dock (Images courtesy Kickstarter)

WINGStand – A Simple Way To Merge Your Tablet And Wireless Keyboard

WINGStand Keyboard Dock (Images courtesy Kickstarter)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve always thought the keyboard dock that Apple sells for the iPad was kind of superfluous. I mean it’s pretty much the exact same product as their wireless Bluetooth keyboard. It just swaps the BT for a dock connector, and adds a support. Creating a simple adapter that would let the iPad connect to their regular wireless keyboard seemed like a much better approach. But apparently such an ‘innovation’ had to be left to a third party. In this case, a Kickstarter project known as the WINGStand.

It’s pretty much exactly what I’ve already described. Just a couple pieces of cleverly designed moulded plastic that clips onto Apple’s wireless BT keyboard while providing a handy place to hold your iPad or iPhone at an ideal angle for typing. It’s incredibly compact and easy to travel with, and it means you can use your portable keyboard with other devices that support a Bluetooth connection. Arguably the $20 they’re asking as a basic donation on their Kickstarter page, which gets you a white set of WINGStands, is a little expensive. But they do mention that additional sets are available for $15 each after your donation, which is a little more reasonable. And rest assured, it’s one of those Kickstarter projects that has raised more than their required goal. So hopefully they’ll be available for sale sooner rather than later.

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