Wind-Up Triceratops Pencil Sharpener

Wind-Up Walking Triceratops Pencil Sharpener (Images courtesy Vat19)
By Andrew Liszewski

Remember the Wind-Up Robot Pencil Sharpener I wrote about last year? Well now there’s an alternative for those prefer the past over the future. And by past I mean the late Cretaceous Period since this pencil sharpener is shaped like a Triceratops.

Like his robot counterpart the Triceratops can be used to sharpen a pencil which at the same time winds up a mechanism allowing him to lumber across your desk. There’s also a key provided for winding him up when all your pencils are sharp, or if you’re like me and live in the 21st century and haven’t seen a pencil in over 5 years. It also has a built-in reservoir for holding pencil shavings that can be emptied by simply opening his head.

The multi-purpose Triceratops can be found at Vat19 for $6.50.

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