Wind ‘N Go Freedom Shaver Needs No Cords

By Luke Anderson

I don’t know about the other guys out there, but I hate shaving. I have a goatee, but you’ll notice that I don’t generally keep the rest shaved smooth all the time. Usually I’ll wait until I need to go somewhere semi-important (or until my wife starts nagging about it) to shave. Even then I take the lazy route and use and electric shaver. Since I don’t want to deal with dead batteries, I have a corded shaver to make my life easier. If I were to decide to get one that didn’t have to be attached to the wall, I might think about getting this Wind ‘N Go Freedom Shaver.

This is your basic shaver, with nothing really fancy going for it. Well, except for the fact that is is hand-powered. Just crank this baby for 1 minute and you’ll get 2 minutes of shaving. Of course I’d recommend winding it for more than just one minute at a time. If you’re obsessed with keeping a smooth shave, you might get one of these to take with you on those long trips. Just $46 will net you one of these eco-friendly shavers.

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