Win, Lose Or Draw Updated For 2007

Win, Lose or Draw (Image courtey firstSTREET)By Andrew Liszewski

Remember Win, Lose or Draw? It was a late 80’s/early 90’s TV game show that brought all the fun of Pictionary to the small screen without having to pay the makers of the original board game a single penny! Of course it seemed only celebrities and a weekly random “civilian” were allowed to play that version of the game but finally after only about 17 years anyone can play at home.

Like many of those Atari-in-a-joystick devices the Win, Lose or Draw home game consists of a handheld drawing pad that connects directly to the RCA hookups on your TV. (What? You were expecting HDMI?) Players can then use the pad to draw their crude representations of one of 1500 included clues while a 60 second timer ticks away. And believe it or not the website claims that as you draw on the pad the image appears instantly on the TV screen! What manner of sorcery is this I ask!?

The Win, Lose or Draw home game is available from firstSTREET for $39.95.

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