WillItBlend’s Latest: The iPhone

By David Ponce

We think that no video in recent memory has evoked simultaneous feelings of utter glee and excruciating pain as the one embedded above. BlendTec has become famous in the last few months for its brilliant marketing campaign named Will It Blend. In it, the company has fun blending everyday objects, from marbles, to brooms, to hockey pucks… and now, they’ve done the unthinkable and blended an iPhone.

Yeah, it blends. And damn if seeing that black cloud of freshly misted electronics spewing from the blender at the end of the video isn’t one of the most techno-eerie moments in marketing history. It’s also interesting to see how long the device keeps on playing before it gets shattered to dust.

Satisfying, to say the least.

VIA [ CrunchGear ]