WildCharge: The Future Is Here


By Evan Ackerman

There are lots of “won’t-it-be-cool-when” wireless power technologies that we talk about every once in a while, but finally, wireless induction charging is a reality, and it’ll be on the market as of July 7. The WildCharge wireless charging mat gets plugged into an outlet, and any electronic device placed on it gets juiced up through the magic of electromagnetic induction. Yeah, electric toothbrushes have been doing this for some time, but it looks like it’s about to make the long overdue jump into mainstream gadgetry. The obvious downside at this point is that you have to get an adapter for each of your devices to allow them to take advantage of the induction field, unless you already have something that’s WildCharge enabled (::sound of crickets chirping::).

The pad itself is a svelte sub-0.1″ thin, and will charge as many gadgets as you can stuff onto it. There are a few missing specs, such as exactly how much power this thing can pump out… I somehow doubt that it’ll be able to power my laptop, but boy would it be cool if it could. The cost hasn’t been released, but it should be available “at a cost competitive with standard aftermarket cellular phone or laptop computer chargers.”

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