Wild West Gun Slinger Shooting Gallery – “My Cans! My Precious Antique Cans!”

Wild West Gun Slinger (Image courtesy Maplin Electronics)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sure it’s cool to see someone literally mow-down a target with one of those helicopter mini-guns in the movies, but it just doesn’t have the same charm as watching someone clear a saloon with a classic wild west revolver. And I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that your office wouldn’t be too keen with you recreating a scene from Unforgiven with a real piece, so if you’ve got an itchy trigger finger and a few minutes to kill at work, you might want to opt for this Wild West Gun Slinger shooting gallery instead.

The gun uses an infrared beam which has considerably less kick than real ammunition, but it compensates with electronic gun and target ricochet sounds which I’m sure sound exactly like the real thing. And it comes with a faux wood log where you can set up the included cans and bottles that actually scatter and shatter when hit.

The whole setup is available from Maplin Electronics for about $36.

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