Wii MotionPlus Add-on Promises Perfect Precision

By Jonathan Kimak

The Wii-mote is pretty sweet already, but it will get even better with this add-on from Nintendo. The Wii MotionPlus snaps onto the bottom of the Wii-mote and enhances the motion capture to a 1:1 response ratio. Meaning that if you move your hand 1 inch up, your character on screen moves his hand 1 inch up.

Nintendo is planning on releasing more details at their E3 media presentation later today.

Now if Nintendo can just hurry up and give us some games that truly use this precision to its fullest(Like say, some precision lightsaber dueling) they will be on top of gaming for many more years.

[ Nintendo Wii MotionPlus ] VIA [ Engadget ]

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