Wii Fishing Rod Advance Accessory

Dragon Wii Fishing Rod Advance (Image courtesy MAXCONSOLE)
By Andrew Liszewski

It was inevitable that the Wii’s unique controls would lead to both some very original games, as well as some very unusual accessories. The latest from Dragon, who seems to be churning out Wii accessories like there’s no tomorrow is the Fishing Rod Advance. It attaches to the end of the Wiimote and includes a telescoping rod and not-so-genuine fishing ‘rope’. And if that’s not enough to perfectly recreate a morning at the lake, it even includes a small plastic fish you can hang off the end. But if you’re still not sold on the idea, maybe this list of functions as provided by Dragon will help you decide.

(1) Novel design.
(2) Easy set up and use.
(3) Amazing and fantastic.
(4) Physical exercise ideal Wii accessorie product.

Amazing and fantastic? In one product? I have to admit that even I’m a bit skeptical, but at only $9.95 from Divineo.cn, what do you have to lose?

[ Dragon Fishing Rod Advance ] VIA [ MAXCONSOLE ]

3 thoughts on “Wii Fishing Rod Advance Accessory”

  1. Nice accessory! But I think the greatest Wii controller would be a giant katamary track-ball (a bigger version of the trackball computer mouse) that you can actually roll. Think about it, on wii your arms would get so damn tired after repetative ball rolling motions and the tilt sensors would just be boring.

    One can only dream…

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