Wii Dodgeball Game Pits Ninjas Against Pirates


By Shane McGlaun

At one time, we have all played a game of dodgeball. The game is for some the first experience in the survival of the fittest nature of the world. At my school there were two types of dodgeball players, the sort who aimed for the testicles, and the sort that tried to hide behind the fat kid.

Game publisher SouthPeak Games has announced the availability of a new dodgeball game for the Wii that uses the motion based controls of the console to hurl balls at the enemy. As the title suggests, you can pit ninjas against pirates or chose from other groups of characters including robots, zombies, aliens, and some sort of mushroom men.

The game offers eight different dodgeball arenas and offers a single player mode as well. The good news is you don’t have to be weary of another dude hurling balls at your face while you play this dodgeball game. At least most of us don’t have to worry about that. The game is available now and is rated E10+.

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