Wigli Stool (Images courtesy Wigli)

Wigli Wobbling Stool – You Know, For Your Back!

Wigli Stool (Images courtesy Wigli)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not going to pretend that sitting in a typical office chair all day long does wonders for the average spine. But at the same time I’m not ready to declare these ‘active balance’ solutions as an ideal alternative either. Like those giant rubber balls that I’m sure will one day be proven as terrible for mankind as asbestos, DDT or smoking, the Wigli stool features an unsteady platform on which to sit, forcing you to fight to keep your balance all day long.

Now at the least I’m sure it provides a good workout throughout the day. And the wood-finish, three-legged design looks about 100X more professional than sitting on a giant rubber ball, so it’s got that going for it…. which is nice. The lack of any kind of curve or indentation on the soft covered pad means you get the same, um, ‘sitting experience’ no matter how you plunk down on it, and that black flexible joint connecting it to its legs is apparently made from indestructible rubber. For ~$400 (€299), it better be!

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