WiFi Dowsing Rod

WiFi Dowsing Rod (Images courtesy Mike Thompson)
By Andrew Liszewski

Mike Thompson designed this clever wifi network detector in the shape of a dowsing rod to apparently make it easier for anyone to use. “By basing the design for a wireless internet detector on century’s old technology, the user feels immediately at home with the product, whilst feeling less intimidated by the simple shape and natural materials.”

But I’ll be honest here, I’ve tried using a dowsing rod before and quite frankly, I’m not sold on the technology. My results were less than successful. But wifi detectors? I’ve never had a problem getting them to work. So maybe for his next project Mike could design a dowsing rod that looks and works like a wifi network detector, but for finding sources of water.

[ miket – WiFi Dowsing Rod ] VIA [ Next Nature ]

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