Wi-Fi Warthogs Looks Like Fun To Me

By Andrew Liszewski

At Microsoft’s PDC09 conference, Tim Higgins was showing off his Wi-Fi Warthogs game which you can think of as a slightly smaller, live-action version of Halo. Using an XBox 360 controller you take control of one of 6 remote control jeeps, but instead of using some tiny RC model, the game uses modified Power Wheels making it 100x more awesome.

On the back of each jeep is a controllable laser tag gun and the whole point of the game is to shoot your opponents, knocking them out of commission. Of course the use of larger scale Power Wheels makes the act of simply ramming your opponents extra enticing, but since each jeep carries a laptop on board you should probably exercise some restraint. Maybe someone could make a virtual version of Wi-Fi Warthogs where you were free to drive jeeps around, shooting at each other without ever causing any real damage…

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  1. “WI-FI Warthogs”, a computer robotics Laser Tag Game that uses the Xbox 360 controller to remotely control Power Wheels vehicles.t also had a gun turrent mounted on it that was also controlled by controller.
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