Who Ya Gonna Call? Batman!

Batman Phone

By Luke Anderson

No, not the Ghostbusters, at least not on this phone anyway. For those that have never had the pleasure of watching the old school TV show (from the 60’s), Batman would actually get calls on a red phone when he was needed. When you think about it, this method was far more convenient than watching the skies for the Bat Signal.

This Batphone has been crafted to be identical to the original. It features a bright red light in the middle of the phone that lights up and flashes when you receive a call. Just like the one off of TV, you won’t be able to call out. It’s a bit pricey at $112, but for any hardcore fan it will make an excellent collector’s item.

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1 thought on “Who Ya Gonna Call? Batman!”

  1. This phone is really not identical to the original Batphone. The entire original Batphone lit up when there was a call. For $112 bucks I would expect an exact copy.

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