Who Needs Girls When You Have Mousepads?

By Evan Ackerman

I’m going be mature about this subject and refrain from making any obvious remarks about internet porn. Instead, I’m going to talk about mousepads that emulate skirts and boobies.

Axe Mmmousepad

This “mmmousepad” was designed by Lowe Dubai, and distributed to internet cafes in the United Arab Emirates as part of a marketing campaign for Axe. Apparently, it was successful. And, when combined with the Busty Mousepad, you’ve got a complete girl. Or something nearly as good. Right?

Busty Mousepad

Maybe this would be a good time for me to preemptively duck.

[Yes, we know this is a year old. Please no hate mail; we still think it’s cool. -Ed.]

[ AxeFantasy Mmmousepad ] VIA [ AdRants ]
[ Busty Mousepads ]

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