Where's Stig? (Image courtesy BBC Books)

Where’s Stig? Books Means Waldo’s Doomed To Be Lost Forever

Where's Stig? (Image courtesy BBC Books)
By Andrew Liszewski

Where's Stig? (Image courtesy BBC Books) Some say he can be found standing near the caravan trailer just below the Bugatti Veyron, while others say he’s sitting in the BBC production truck, all we know is he’s called the Stig and his Where’s Stig? picture books from BBC Books means we’ve officially stopped caring where Waldo’s hiding!

We know they’re supposed to be just for kids, but the original Where’s Stig? book, illustrated by Rod Hunt and available from the BBC online store for around $9 (£5.99), is chock full of inside jokes, nods to the Top Gear TV series and cameos by a certain Mr. Clarkson, Hammond and May which even the most passive fan will appreciate. And the original book sold so well that a sequel, Where’s Stig? The World Tour, which of course sees the Stig hiding all over the world, is already in the works and will be available near the end of September for roughly the same price.

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