Where Will You Put All Those Batteries You Buy On Special?


You guys remember our deal where you can get 72 AA Duracell batteries for $37? Well, where you gonna put all these batteries? Just in some drawer somewhere, haphazardly? Why not get this organizer instead, which fits up to 82 batteries of all kinds. Specifically, there are slots for: 25 AAA, 39 AA, 6 D, 8 C, 4 9V batteries. You can lay it flat in a drawer, or hang it up vertically on your shop wall. Either way, if you have a thing for keeping stuff tidy, this $18 organizer can go a long way. The best part is it even comes with a tester!


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1 thought on “Where Will You Put All Those Batteries You Buy On Special?”

  1. Who even uses C and D cells any more? There are a couple of my toddler’s toys that require C cells, so I just use AA Envelops with spacers. Also full-size Mag-lites (a.k.a. billy clubs with plausible deniability), but even AA LED flashlights will outshine those nowadays, let alone 18650s.

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