WheeMe Massage Robot (Images courtesy DreamBots)

WheeMe Massage Robot

WheeMe Massage Robot (Images courtesy DreamBots)
By Andrew Liszewski

Congratulations robots, you’ve claimed yet another job in your continuing effort to replace mankind. This time around it’s masseuses who are getting kicked to the curb thanks to the WheeMe from a company called DreamBots Ltd. It looks like one of those handheld roller massage thingies that someone else is supposed to drive across your back, but this little guy is completely autonomous. Once it’s running a built-in tilt sensor ensures it never falls off your back, and its wheels are made of soft ‘fingerettes’ that provide “a delightful sense of bodily pleasure.” Their words, not mine.

The WheeMe isn’t available just yet, but will apparently be exhibited at the upcoming CES show in January where our sister site, BotJunkie, will make sure to put it through its paces, probably repeatedly.

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