Wheelbarrow Chair By Philippe Starck

Wheelbarrow Chair (Image courtesy xO Design)By Andrew Liszewski

Thank goodness it’s April 2nd. I used to love April 1st but now that I have to put up with stupid ‘April Fools’ news stories I’ve come to loathe the day. Please people, leave the fake news stories to The Onion writers. Anyways back to reality and a great little invention that I bet a lot of our readers could have used at one time or another. Created by none other than Philippe Starck the “Ceci n’est pas une broutette” (or “this is not a wheelbarrow”) basically combines a comfortably upholstered chair with a wheelbarrow, even though the name may claim otherwise.

Everyone at some point has had to move a friend, family member, co-worker, teacher, babysitter or even loveable hobo who was too drunk to stand on their own. A standard wheelbarrow would work just fine but there’s no reason the inebriated person shouldn’t be comfortable during the trip. That’s why the seat and back of this chair are padded and upholstered in a pale pink satin. Very classy especially considering your passenger will probably be throwing up every 2 minutes.

And I’ll suggest to any readers who are seriously interested in this that a trip to Home Depot and a weekend with the tools might be a better idea since the Wheelbarrow Chair is listed at $4,750 euros or about $6,400 US dollars. But given the design dates back to ’95 I doubt the chairs are still for sale.

[ “Ceci n’est pas une broutette” ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]