What Your Crotch Needs Is More Keyboard

By David Ponce

Because designers have the best ideas, we sometimes get to look at products like the above pair of jeans. It’s the brainchild of designers Erik de Nijs and Tim Smit and it’s called “The Beauty And The Geek”. We think it should be called something else entirely, but we’re just not funny enough to think of what exactly. The point is that these jeans, which thankfully are more of a proof of concept than actual projected product, integrate a fully functional keyboard, mouse and speakers. Or rather, we should say that the designers don’t have the funding to make a project of this complexity take off. If they did, Erik and Tim figure the pants would retail for around $400.

We could make endless commentary on these and crack some jokes and what not. But we think the images speak for themselves.

[ Designer’s Website (in pretentious Flash) ] VIA [ WebProNews ]

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