What the French Fry: Burger King Gives Free ‘Wi-Fry’ to Promote New ‘Satisfries’

WTFF Burger King

Burger King is leaving giant crinkle fries all over New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago in a grand attempt to promote their new reduced-fat fries called “Satisfries.” The pun doesn’t end there. They extend it to the actual promotional campaign, which consisted of leaving the aforementioned giant fries in random places and giving people free Wi-Fry.

They’ve dubbed their campaign #WTFF, which stands for What the French Fry.

WTFF Burger King1

These giant fries have already been spotted and photographed in a whole bunch of places, as documented on the #WTFF tumblr page. I’m pretty sure Burger King is hoping people will find creative ways to use the fries in the hopes that the campaign (or at least one of the shots) will go viral.

VIA [ Food Beast ]

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  1. Looks like Burger King has swallowed the Michelle Obama KoolAid. Who in their right mind wants low-fat french fries? How many dollars will be lost trying to sell this ridiculous idea?

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