What? Gravity Mobile Phone Holder Holds Stuff

What? Gravity Mobile Phone Holder Holds Stuff

By David Ponce

On to another gravity defying article, this time with a seemingly novelty-like item. Only on closer inspection… it isn’t so banal. The “What? Gravity Mobile Phone Holder” not only has a brilliant name but is able to hold on to a seemingly endless array of objects at a completely improbable angle. Just set pretty much anything on it, and instead of seeing it slide off as you’d expect from it being on a nearly vertical surface… it just stays there. There is no glue, only a “soft touch silicone panel” that is easily cleaned with water and a cloth. It’s meant to hold cellphones, but the promotional video below shows just how much stuff can cling to its surface.

Best of all, it’s dirt cheap, starting out at £3.99($6). There’s a catch however, as this is a bulk price and there seems to be a minimum order of 100 at a slightly higher price (you need to order 5,000 to get the lowest pricepoint). This probably means though that you you’ll be seeing these in stores for not very much money soon.

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