WeWOOD Watches (Images courtesy WeWOOD)

WeWOOD Watches

WeWOOD Watches (Images courtesy WeWOOD)
By Andrew Liszewski

Over on Gizmodo the other day Joel Johnson expressed his love for his imperfect $70 wooden iPhone case, and while I prefer to carry my phone naked, I can understand why he likes it so much. Now it’s not easy to precisely pinpoint the appeal of something made from wood, but whatever it is makes me want one of these beautiful wooden watches from LA-based WeWOOD.

Their current collection comes in two different styles: ‘classic’ with an analog-only watch face and ‘crono’ that features an extra LED digital display. And besides looking just fantastic, the watches should also appeal to the eco-friendly types since all of the wood comes from unused flooring scraps that are free of harmful chemicals or stains of any kind. The variety of colors you see are just the natural shades of the wood used, like maple, ebony, guaiaco and red wing celtis. There are currently 11 different watches to choose from on the WeWOOD site, and each one is a very reasonable $119.

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