WET X-Light Surround Basin

WET X-Light Surround Basin

WET X-Light SURROUND Basin (Image courtesy WET)
By Andrew Liszewski

If someone had come to me and said, “Hey Andrew, I’m thinking about designing a bathroom sink that can also connect to your MP3 player and double as an amplified speaker” I would have told them it was a stupid idea. But now that I see pictures of one that really exists, I realize how wise I am because it’s still a stupid idea. From WET Studio comes the X-Light Surround Basin which is made from transparent PMMA (or para-methoxy-methamphetamine poly-methyl-methacrylate) acrylic. It would be kind of cool if the entire basin functioned as the speaker when an MP3 player was connected, but it looks like it actually uses two dedicated speaker units located on the underside of the sink. Now I can’t deny that Jan Puylaert’s design looks slick and modern, but I like to keep my electronics away from running water, toothpaste, soap and everything else you put into the bathroom sink.

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  1. Maybe do a bit more fact checking before posting. PMMA that you are talking about is Poly(methyl methacrylate), commonly known as acrylic, plexiglass, etc… Para-methoxy-methamphetamine is, according to wiki, “a lesser-known psychedelic drug. It is the 4-methoxy analog of Methamphetamine (crystal meth).” Nobody is smoking the sink. Nor should they think they should try.

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