Werner Equalizer Ladder

Werner Equalizer Ladder (Image courtesy Werner Co.)
By Andrew Liszewski

I haven’t been on a construction site since my summer job back in college but I don’t remember ever seeing a single ladder equipped with this pretty simple safety upgrade. Available from Werner the Equalizer ladder includes the industry’s first pre-installed leg-levelling device.

The extra leg can compensate for differences in elevation of up to eight inches and can be easily positioned on either side of the ladder as needed. Anyone who’s ever crammed a few pieces of scrap lumber under one of the legs will probably attest to the fact that this approach is a far better way to increase the ladder’s level of safety.

The Werner Equalizer is available for now for about $250.

[Werner Equalizer Ladder] VIA [Popular Science]

5 thoughts on “Werner Equalizer Ladder”

  1. Curses. I kid you not, I thought of this not a week ago while trying to set up a ladder on non-level ground. I suppose you know an idea is good when somebody else has already thought of it.

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  3. Isn’t there a safety hazard in the picture on the left? Look at the stabilizing feet with rubber bottoms – they aren’t in the proper position!

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