WeReward Puts Money Into Location

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By David Ponce

With Foursquare and Gowalla, the location-based craze has already started in a big way.  People seem to find it fascinating to check into places, so much so that other businesses have seen it fit to find a spot in this new “market”.  Think Facebook places, for example.  But by and large, the appeal of location has simply been the social aspect of it.  There’s no real money in it for the end user… until now.  WeReward.com is a mobile application that will straight up pay you for checking in.  There are 15,000,000 businesses in their database, and all of them have some sort of location-based or task-based reward that consists of points.  Each point is worth a penny, so if you check in often enough, you’ll quickly build up a balance in excess of the $10 minimum for Paypal payout. 

A location-based reward means you’ll actually have to be physically present at a local bar, restaurant or business and “check-in”.  On the other hand, task-based rewards don’t even need you to be anywhere specific; most of the time you can just take a picture of yourself with a particular product and claim the reward.


So check it out, there’s an application for both the iPhone and Android phones.


[ WeReward for iPhone ]

[ WeReward for Android ]

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