We’re Hiring!

Yeah, so it’s time for our regular recruiting round. We’re ready to pay for talent, but we won’t hire just anyone. Here’s what you got to have to write for us:

– A deep knowledge of the blogging business. This means you track several tech blogs through RSS or whatever, and you know gadgets better than your mama knows how to play with your mind. You can tell the difference between a marginally improved gadget (more memory, yay!) and something truly interesting. Generally, you think we’re morons, and you could show us how to do our jobs. Blindfolded.

– A fantastic mastery of the English language. Snark. Opinion. Controversy.

– An ethical disposition and the willingness to follow some basic rules.

Here’s what you get:

– You’ll get read by over 10,000 unique readers each day and almost half a million a month.

– You’ll get to play with gadgets from various companies trying to convince you their stuff doesn’t stink.

– Somewhat competitive pay, but nothing to take a fifth mortgage on.

If you think you got what it takes, send us the following to “editor” at “ohgizmo” dot “com”:

– One sample article.

– A short paragraph on why you’re suited for the job.

– Pay expectations.

6 thoughts on “We’re Hiring!”

  1. My name is Zack Zeiler, CEO & President of VPI.Net. I’m a guest lecturer at UCLA, Kids Screen, OMMA and other events. I also do technology and Website discussions on FREE FM 97.1 in Los Angeles for the Tim Conway Jr. radio show. In September Tim and I will be doing a national radio show for CBS and online recap show. I am an active contributor to legal periodicals about technology, security and more. I also designed, programmed and host (via my company VPI.Net) RED Blogs for AOL.

    I’m interested in the job.

  2. I could write rings around any of you, but then I’d have to get off my lazy butt and check my facts, meet deadlines, and actually do something productive. The gadgets sound like fun, and getting paid to boot would be a hoot. Bottom line – you wouldn’t think I’m as good as I think I am, so let’s just save us both some time. Thanks anyhow.

  3. Hey Im not sure if Im the best canadate, but before I think to much about that could you possibly crush my dreams by telling me you have to be 18+? Im 16 but would love the $$

  4. I’m currently maintaining a tech blog. I’m getting much of my stuff over the internet. I would like to try for the job if you guys could handle newbies like me. My passion goes with gadgets, games, softwares, and many more stuff which could brings interest and real-time perceptions. Thanks..

  5. Okay… for any one who is posting here read… it says to send an e-mail if you want to apply, Jese u think youde at least knwo hwo to reat at est for this job.

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