We’re Giving Away A Windows Phone 7 And The Theme Is: Do More With Less

By David Ponce

Disclosure: This giveaway is brought to you by the new Windows Phone 7. Less tech tired. More tech trendy: Learn about Windows Phone online [www.windowsphone.com] and see it in person at local T-Mobile stores today.

So some of you (if not most of you) have heard by now: Microsoft is pushing Windows Phone 7 pretty hard. Early reports indicate that the new platform is solid and there’s a good variety of launch devices. This being Microsoft’s latest stab at the ultra-competitive smartphone market, they’ve decided to put the odds on their side by putting some of these handsets in your hands. That’s right, we’re giving away a Windows Phone 7 and here’s what you need to do to get it.

How to enter: Just leave a comment on this article. You can leave one comment per day until the giveaway’s close. Each comment must be substantially different than the previous.
Timeframe: The contest ends on November 29th, 2010. At this time comments will be closed on this post and a winner chosen with Random.org.
Eligibility: Sadly, only for residents of the 50 United states as well at D.C. who are at least 18 years old at the time of entry.
Prize: A Windows Phone 7 of approximate retail value of $500. The image above does not necessarily reflect the device you will get.
Complete Rules: For the complete rules to this giveaway, follow this link: Complete Rules

312 thoughts on “We’re Giving Away A Windows Phone 7 And The Theme Is: Do More With Less”

  1. Banking on the 'law of averages' here. For so many attempts at winning, I'm bound to win. For so many attempts at Windows making an awesome phone, they're bound to do it!

  2. MS has really come back into the mobile OS game with a bang! It has done what it is great at. Offer “utility” more than slick UI.

    Would love to lay my hands on one of these puppies.

  3. Microsoft seems to have put some thought into this one…if I won, I'd look forward to how it intigrates office productivity as well as the social media aspect which is so in vogue right now.

  4. doing more with less is the trend now days, the one thing that i think that allows people to do more with less is a computer. it allows people to learn about something in an instant where as before people have to go to the library, it allows people to write without a pen or pencil, it allows people to watch tv, movies and just videos in general at a touch of a button, allows people to store memories of a lifetime in one simple device. but with technology advancing as it is a brand new phone that does exactly that would be handy :]

  5. If I won the Windows Phone 7, I would also buy an Xbox 360 to replace my unit that got the Red Ring of Death. There is going to be some crazy integration between Windows Phone and Xbox Live in the future!

  6. ?????esrever ni tnemmoc a evael ot tsrif eht ma i kniht i
    (its backwards)
    i am going to be honest here, i just want the phone. i read this blog/site every day. i love this site. i would be ever so excited if i won.

  7. Calendars are a huge help. And the Outlook Quickstep is a great shortcut tool that helps me quickly create some of my common tasks, appointments, and emails while on the go. The win phone 7 will be a great mobile tool to aid in this

  8. I do more for much less by hitting the garage sales and thrift stores for much of the basics, and yep, using coupons and shopping online steals and deals.

  9. Lately, It seems like I've been doing more with less time. Since I'm still in college, I'v been taking all the time I can get to domy readings and assignments, including typing away at my essays on my latop when I'm on the train!

  10. My more for less: Bake family goodies instead of buying storebought. Make extra and freeze for later. Do the same for meals: cook more, freeze extras.

  11. Since I'm in college I definitely can do more with the money I save from buying used books instead of new ones by searching online sites like eBay or the used book stores in town. It really helps cut costs and sometimes the books have notes in them! It's kinda funny, sometimes helpful, to read the notes people have left in the books!

  12. I could do more with less by using my phone for everything, as opposed to a phone and a computer and having to wait until I got home to do anything internet-based. This would save me tons of time which I could then spend with my family.

  13. Doing more with less means creating a tight budget and sticking to it, avoiding impulse buys, and saving for rainy days. Peace of mind generates productivity.

  14. During Thanksgiving, we eat more with less time! Haha, how do we do this? We always have a potluck for every Thanksgiving dinner. And we're all luck that everyone brings delicious food! It would be awesome to win!

  15. there was supposed to be pretzels today at work. someone didn't bring them in tho. i'm sad. winning this phone would TOTALLY make me happier tho!! πŸ˜›

  16. One example of me doing more with less is carpooling with friends to school (when I don't take the train). Being college students, we'll save all the money we can and it's so convenient that I have a group of friends that all live pretty close! It's fun to see each other in the mornings, ha and eat breakfast on the go. The phone looks awesome!

  17. i love giving out coupons as presents. Like ill watch your kids for an hour or help you clean your house. they are cheap and effective. so everyone is happy

  18. One app I find really interesting is called “Podcasts!” It allows you to stream podcasts rather than having to download them. It has a well-designed menu that is very consistent with the WP7 theme. Podcasts are organized by category.

    I appreciate not having to store podcasts on my phone. It leaves more room for apps. πŸ˜€

  19. This might be a little too simple, but I do more with less by always having my laptop with me. Nowadays, since I'm in college, it seems like everything is being moved online, from turning essays in to math homework. It definitely helps me do more when I have free time and I have less stuff to carry around!

  20. More for less: Host a get together with your friends and have a clothes swap …exchange your don't-likes and never-worns for things you can use. Everybody wins!

  21. There's a hack that lets you load apps that aren't from the Windows Market now. I just need to find places to get these other apps. Maybe it's too soon for Microsoft to start rejecting a bunch of apps that I might find useful.

  22. My husband will kill me for saying this, but he does more with less by owning only gray socks. Seriously. He bought 30 identical pairs of gray socks. Whenever one gets a hole in it, he still has umpteen zillion other matches for it, so he doesn't have to chuck the whole pair. And yes, he is that cheap. (Which is why I'd like to win a new phone and not buy one!)

  23. My grandmother taught me to “save steps”. During chore time around the house, always have something with you to be returned or replaced as you move from area to area and room to room.

  24. One example of me doing more with less is simply turning off and unplugging electronics and appliances. Sometimes people forget and it adds up to the costs. As time goes by, spending a few little seconds on turning appliances off can really make a difference and save more money, more money to spend on stuff I want! I only turn things on when I need to!

  25. m and ms are probably my favorite more with less candy. i use them to decorate cakes, i use them in counting games with kids, and they just taste good

  26. I've read up on where you can long press for more options in Windows Phone 7. Gives pretty nifty features. Too bad Microsoft doesn't say where these long press options are in their manual or website.

  27. One way we do more with less is with leftovers. Especially during Thanksgiving time. An example would be using ham for lunch sandwiches and using the leftover turkey for quesadillas or my favorite turkey and tortilla soup!

  28. I'm not sure if the “one comment per day” rule is a good thing. It seems to unnecessarily inflate the post counts, with mostly merit-less posts.

  29. How to do more with less? Easy! I post a message on my social networks about the party I will host on my house, and all my friends know about it and know they’re invited to! That way I don’t have to call everyone anymore! πŸ˜€

  30. I could do more with less if I won the Windows Phone 7. I wouldn't miss calls from my kids & family, I would have my x-mas & shopping list on it & could get more done easier. I've need a cell phone & would love to win the Windows Phone 7. Thanks!

  31. I could do more with less if I won the Windows Phone 7. I wouldn't miss calls from my kids & family, I would have my x-mas & shopping list on it & could get more done easier. I've need a cell phone & would love to win the Windows Phone 7. Thanks!

  32. I really like spices and herbs. If you buy them in the ethnic food section, especially the hispanic themed aisle they can be only 99 cents a bag! They add flavor to everything including cheap cuts of meat and inexpensive dishes

  33. We do more with less by finishing all our holiday shopping waaay before the season gets underway. That way, we aren't caught up in holiday mania or retail marketing when the gifts are being purchased, and we don't spend as much money.

  34. Hopefully getting one more comment in here to boost my chances of winning this awesome phone. Really appreciate the OhGizmo folks hustling for us readers! I always love supporting my favorite blogs, and it's so easy when they give back like this. Good luck everyone…OhGizmo helps me do more with less by having all the cool stuff in one spot!

  35. Doing more with less: I'm on a pantry clean-out kick. No grocery store for me until all those aging boxes of couscous and off-brand pinto beans are cooked and eaten! More pantry space and more room in the grocery budget.

  36. I do more with less by combining my errands into one drive and trip so I save gas. An example would be going to the store, post office and barbershop in one trip, rather than going at different times of the week. This way, I can do more with the money I have because of the less money I have to spend on gas!

  37. More for less mean having an emergency kit in my car when I travel, and also carrying our own snacks and drinks so that we don't have to make expensive stops.

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