WeraMouse Handheld Mice


By Evan Ackerman

USB cables are the plastic tethers that keep our mice chained to our desks, and ourselves chained to our mice. You can free yourself with the convenience of a wireless mouse, but if you’re going to cut the cable, why not cut it totally and remove the mouse from the surface all together? The WeraMouse is a little handheld device with buttons and a trackball on it. With it, you’re able to mouse around and click from any position (up to 25 feet away) using only your fingers. Not a fan of trackballs? I hear ya, and WeraMouse is also working on a version with a touchpad instead. The mice are good for over 24 hours of nonstop operation between charges, and come with a 90 minute USB charging cradle.

I’ve never used anything like this before, but I do appreciate the freedom from the restrictions of a surface that my Logitech MX Air gives me. WeraMouse says that it’s much better for your posture to use a mouse like theirs, but it seems like it’s just another opportunity to slouch.

Additional slouching opportunities via the WeraMouse will cost $99, and the touchpad version isn’t quite out yet.

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