Wenge Hi-Fi TV Stand

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By David Ponce

They say that money doesn’t buy you taste, and we couldn’t agree more. You wouldn’t believe the number of people that can afford something great like a big-ass plasma… and then stick it on a bare wall like a cheap painting. Fortunately, you got the guys at OhGizmo! to slap some sense back into your little noggin’. If you’re going to be getting a plasma for the Holidays, get yourself something nice to put it on, like the Wenge Hi-Fi TV stand. It’s made from two thick slabs of Wenge wood that sandwich a convenient storage space for you to put your DVD collection in, or whatever else. It stands atop a sturdy aluminum base, and the TV panel swivels so you can watch that plasma head-on from any corner of your living room.

There’s no price listed on the website, but we can’t imagine this being too cheap. That said, what’s a couple more grand when you’ve just spent ten (or 50) on your televised entertainment?

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4 thoughts on “Wenge Hi-Fi TV Stand”

  1. I saw this “Hi-Fi TV Stand” for sale a few weeks ago in Tokyo, at the “Isetan” departement store.
    Thought it looked kinda cool and elegant. But can’t remember the price.

  2. Quote: “the flat screen looks nice, does anyone know what company it?s made by?”
    Looks fake to me. Like a decor-object, often used for presenting furniture. Ever been at IKEA where they used to place fake iMacs (gen 1) to show off there business-furniture?

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