‘Wear Your Seat’ Backpack Looks Convenient And Comfortable

Wear Your Seat (Images courtesy IDSland)
By Andrew Liszewski

While I doubt you’ll be able to bring this thing into any stadiums or other venues with uncomfortable plastic seating it would probably come in handy for picnics, outdoor concerts and other activities people never actually do.

It’s called the ‘Wear Your Seat’ and it’s essentially a semi-rigid padded cushion that’s shaped so that it conforms to your back and provides a comfortable place to sit no matter where you are. That unique shape also allows it to be worn as a ‘not-exactly-subtle’ backpack for easy transport. As far as I can tell the Wear Your Seat is only a design concept right now but I think if they managed to squeeze some kind of storage space in there they would sell a few units.

[ Wear Your Seat ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]

12 thoughts on “‘Wear Your Seat’ Backpack Looks Convenient And Comfortable”

  1. Initial thought: This looks like a daiper/backpack compo

    Second thought: Aha! It’s a big fake comfy lard ass for skinny people. So it won’t sell in the US I’m guessing …

  2. My ass does fine sitting on the ground, thanks! what on Earth would make someone want this silly assed looking thing?!? Maybe they have too many friends and want to lose a few?

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