Wear 192GB Worth Of Storage, For A Hefty Price

By Luke Anderson

I’ve seen plenty of gadgets that try to disguise themselves as some sort of jewelry. Most of the time it just comes off as tacky, but occasionally you see something that doesn’t look half bad. No, I wouldn’t ever wear one of these Gresso pendants (not exactly my style),  but they really don’t look half bad.

What is interesting is that they have chosen to make the pendant split into three separate 64GB USB flash drives. Of course if you thought that the flash drives themselves would be expensive, the 200-year old African wood, diamonds and gold crumbs will no doubt add to the price. If you have to ask how much it is, you can’t afford it. But if you really must know, it’s a little over $7,300.

[ Gresso ] VIA [ BornRich ]

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