Watur – The Waterfall Door

Watur Door (Image courtesy ElseWare)By Andrew Liszewski

So I’m not really sure what’s more unusual here, the design of this door or the fact that it’s actually available for sale.

Designed by Daniel Harper the Watur is an actual functioning door but instead of being built of glass or wood it’s made of constantly falling water. There is an actual frame to the whole thing which supports the catch basin at the bottom, the sprinklers at the top and of course the door handle. From what I can see the best part of the Watur will come at the end of a hard day when you get home from work, slam the door and then need to spend 10 minutes mopping up the floor.

If you think the Watur door is the perfect accessory for your pad you can order one for $2000. Custom sizing is also available but comes with an additional cost.

[ElseWare Watur Door]

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  1. My friend suggested using concentrated sulphuric acid instead of water… and change the metal catchment tray to glass. That would make for some interesting break-ins.

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