WaterField Designs Updates Their Racer-X Bags

WaterField Designs Racer-X Laptop Case (Image courtesy WaterField Designs)By Andrew Liszewski

San Francisco based WaterField Designs has just released an updated version of their Racer-X laptop bags to accommodate Apple’s 13-inch MacBook. In addition the bags have received a bit of a design update and now have an “easy-to-access” front pocket and a choice of either a single mountain bike grip handle or dual leather handles. And besides your laptop the bags also have extra pockets and compartments for storing other toys.

The Racer-X features two zippered, interior compartments: one that encases and protects the laptop with layers of plush neoprene, foam and impact-resistant plastic; and another for documents and files that includes pockets to store accessories like PDA’s, iPod’s, cables, and spare batteries. A rear exterior pocket for magazines and files has a zippered bottom so it can also be used to slip over handles of wheeled carry-on bags. Each Racer-X comes with a removable Suspension Shoulder Strap that helps make the load feel lighter.

The Racer-X is available on the WaterField Designs website starting at $169 for the 12 inch Powerbook/iBook version and up to $189 for the 17 inch MacBook Pro version.

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