Water Powered Calculator Blows My Mind

Water Powered Calculator

By Luke Anderson

How many of you hate changing the battery in your calculator? I know that I would, were they not as a majority, solar-powered. Apparently someone has decided that light is a resource that we are using up far too quickly, and thus designed a calculator that runs off of water.

For this little guy to work, you just pour water into the rear and insert a stopper. The electrolytes in the water will take care of the rest. I’m seriously wondering what kind of person would believe that their calculator would need a power source other than light. Seriously, how would you use this without working in an area with plenty of light? If you’re intrigued by this water-powered gadget, you can pick one up for $8.99. Personally, I’ll wait for these guys to make a car that’s powered by water.

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5 thoughts on “Water Powered Calculator Blows My Mind”

  1. Water-powered cars… Believe me, you don’t want to go there. There are enough backyard tinkerers and/or scammers baiting for investors. If their pseudoscientific delusions were only half-way consistent with basic physical reality, you’d already drive one. And power your house with it, too.

    Gizmos like these aren’t “water-powered”. There’s a battery in there. A common galvanic cell consisting of two types of metals. But this cell is incomplete, you have to fill it up yourself with an electrolyte (namely, water). Compared to the power consumption of a calculator and to the batteries that are usually used it’s quite bulky, though eventually, the materials of this cell are used up, and the electrochemical reaction will cease. No matter how much water you refill, because that’s not the power source.

    The selling point isn’t that it’s is a scientific miracle (it’s 200-year-old technology), or that it’s something that makes more sense than a cheap, simple, lightweight solar cell that runs without the extra work of filling it up. What is sold here is simply some instant sense of achievement for the easily astonished. (no offense 🙂 )

  2. Ooh ooh ooh, I got it. Get yourself a second calculator with a hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell (whose waste product is pure water). Link these two together.

    A calculator-powered calculator! 😀

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