Water Leak Alarms (Image courtesy Improvements)

Water Leak Alarms

Water Leak Alarms (Image courtesy Improvements)By Andrew Liszewski

The next time you run a bath or fill the kitchen sink in order to do dishes, you don’t have to sit there and babysit the process to make sure things don’t spill over.

Go watch TV, make a snack or even take a nap since these Water Leak Alarms will sound an incredibly loud 100db alert if they detect even the tiniest amount of water, and will keep wailing for 24 hours straight. So even if you do doze off there’s a good chance they’ll wake you up before a tiny bit of run-over turns into major flood damage.

Unfortunately the batteries aren’t replaceable, but are good for up to 3 years. And since a set of 3 alarms is just $19.99 it’s not so hard on the pocketbook to have to replace them.

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