Watch Those Crashes Up Close


by Jake Finkelstein

Now that I’ve been living in the south for the last few years (recovering Yankee) I?ve discovered two things that you should never openly question: college basketball and NASCAR. And since I can never seem to quite grasp the fascination of watching cars drive around quickly in circles… much less in person? I find this Kangaroo device to be equally bizarre. But if NASCAR is your thing, this handheld device should warm your grease monkey heart.

The ?NASCAR Nextel Fan View? is a handheld device that operates on the 2.5Ghz frequency to give you an up close and personal view of all of the action. Offering up to seven in-car camera channels, race radio broadcasts, audio from the pit and driver, live scoring and replays, the device makes it easy to track your favorite cars and see that crash like you were in the car.

NASCAR/Nextel is offering this up for $50 per day or $70 for the weekend ? so definitely not for the light of heart (or wallet).

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