WaSnake Digital Shelf For All Your SMS, RSS And Storage Needs

WaSnake Shelf (Images courtesy Newlaunches.com)
By Andrew Liszewski

I never knew I needed or even wanted an RSS feed displaying shelf until I saw the WaSnake, but now I don’t know how I manage to live without one. The shelf features several segments made from wood and an elastomer material that allow it to be reconfigured to fit your wall space. The non-flexible segments also feature clusters of colored LEDs and optical fibers to form a screen that’s capable of displaying everything from RSS feed headlines like a stock ticker, to SMS messages sent to its ‘home’ address or even little animations using the widget based configuration software.

The WaSnake shelf was designed by Jean Louis Frechin and was recently shown at the International Milan Furniture Show which was probably the only chance any of us would have had of seeing it in person. In other words, if you haven’t already torn down the shelving in your living room like I did upon seeing this, I wouldn’t start making room for the WaSnake just yet.

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