WashUP Concept Stacks A Washing Machine On Your Toilet

WashUP Concept (Images courtesy Sevin Coskun)
By Andrew Liszewski

Any kind of recycling that involves toilets is kind of a hard sell, but who really cares where the water that’s used for flushing comes from? That’s why Sevin Coskun created the WashUP concept that stacks a washing machine on top of your toilet. After the washing cycle is over, the water that’s used to clean your clothes is stored in a reservoir where it can be used again later to flush the toilet.

As an added bonus the washing machine is situated higher off the ground, making it easier to load and unload clothing without having to crouch down. It also has the advantage of allowing people who live in smaller apartments to actually have room for a washing machine, since the space used by the toilet and washer overlap. And of course there’s all the hilarious ‘soiled clothing’ jokes that I won’t even get into.

[ Core 77 – WashUP ] VIA [ Born Rich ]

3 thoughts on “WashUP Concept Stacks A Washing Machine On Your Toilet”

  1. Just remember to put the lid down before you load the machine. You know those socks, they use ANY opportunity for getting lost… I imagine sitting there during the spin cycle could be an interesting experience though. 🙂

  2. Great! Now you can get microscopic droplets of piss and fecal matter all over your freshly washed clothes..and without even trying….

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