Was This An April’s Fool Joke: Bacon Condoms?

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J&D’s is one of our favorite retailers because they specialize in all things bacon, like bacon lip balm. Well now they seem to have Bacon Condoms. The tagline is brilliant: “Make your meat, look like meat.” They’re supposedly real condoms that have a bacon print on them, but are otherwise 100% as effective as regular willy wrappers. The prophylactics are allegedly lubricated with Bacon Lube, which we’ve written about before, so we’re really wanting to believe this could be a real product and not an April’s Fool joke. In an interview with the Huffington Post, company co-founder Justin Esch even confirmed they’re real. They’re $10 for a three-pack, which makes them quite the pricey novelty. They are also currently sold-out. But for all bacon lovers out there, we think you’ll agree this is quite possibly the best thing since… thick cut bacon.

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