Warner Bros. Wants To Exchange Your HD-DVDs For Blu-ray


By Chris Scott Barr

Are you one of the people that was convinced that HD-DVD was going to win in the epic HD format war? I really thought that it had a chance there for a while, but alas, Blu-ray won out. Sure, you can still watch those movies in all of their HD glory, but you still need to keep around an HD-DVD player for it. Well thanks to a new initiative by Warner Bros. you can trade in a few of those obsolete discs for shiny new Blu-ray versions.

That’s right, gather up all of those Warner Bros. HD-DVDs and head over to the Red2Blu site and get yourself all set up. They’re going to ask for shipping and handling, as well as a small fee of $4.95 per disc. I really have to commend Warner Bros. on this. They don’t have any obligation whatsoever to provide an exchange program, but for the sake of their customers they are doing it anyway. I’d definitely get on this while it lasts. That reminds me, I need to hit up the cheap HD-DVD bin at Fry’s next time I’m out that way.

[ Red2Blu ] VIA [ Gearlog ]