Warming/Cooling Vehicle Cup Holder

Warming/Cooling Cup Holder (Image courtesy Lillian Vernon)By Andrew Liszewski

Nothing’s worse than buying a nice cold Slurpee on a hot day only to have it melt into a watery mess 5 minutes after getting back into your car. (It probably says a lot about my daily routine when a melting Slurpee ranks highest on the list of bad things that could possibly happen to me.)

So in order to preserve all that frozen goodness I guess you could either install a cooler in your car and keep it packed with ice or just buy one of these electric cup holders that can heat or warm your drink at the flick of a switch. It sits in the standard cup holder of any vehicle and plugs into the cigarette lighter which allows it to heat up to 140 F or cool down to 40 F in only a few minutes.

This marvel of beverage preservation engineering is available from Lillian Vernon for $24.98.

[ Commuter’s Warming/Cooling Mug ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]

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