Warm Up Next To The Fireplace On Your Own Wampa Rug

By Chris Scott Barr

We geeks tend to decorate our houses in a different manner than most people. For instance, my dining room houses a pool table and arcade cabinet, rather than a regular table and chairs. So what do you do if you have a cozy fireplace in your living room? A bearskin rug hardly suits the geek lifestyle. No, what you need is a Wampa Rug.

That’s right, the latest in a long line of awesome Star Wars offerings from ThinkGeek is the Wampa Rug. Sure, it’s no Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, but it’s still amusing to say the least. For $100, you’ll have to be a pretty big fan of the Wars to get in on this deal. You will, however, be the envy of your geeky friends if you do make the purchase. Look for it in limited quantities this August.

[ ThinkGeek ] VIA [ Gearfuse ]

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