Warhawk Ceiling Fan – DUCK!

Warhawk Ceiling Fan

By Evan Ackerman

I’m somewhat of a warbird enthusiast, so I find this P-40 Warhawk ceiling fan to be particularly cool. And cooling. Get it? Right. Like the actual P-40, the fan features 3 blades and a fairly powerful engine, as well as the familiar Flying Tigers sharkmouth design (stolen, incidentally, from the German Luftwaffe Zerstörer Bf 110 squadron). The prop spans 48″ and there’s even an integrated light in the nosecone, but no nose mounted .50 caliber machine guns, which is too bad. I guess it’s an E version or later. You’re looking at just under $250 shipped to your door for the whole kit.

While the P-40 is a classic American fighter plane, I might rather buy something a little sexier to hang on my ceiling, like a Supermarine Spitfire fan. No, they don’t have one, but mentioning it in this context gives me an excuse to post this video (which may contain understandably NSFW audio at the end, so mute it):

[ Warbird Ceiling Fan ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

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