WARDROM Is Organization Through Chaos


By Luke Anderson

I’m a firm believer of organization through the use of chaos. For some reason my parents never really bought into that (and neither does my wife). I swear by it, as every single time I clean there’s a transition period of about two weeks where I can’t find anything. That said, my office is generally something of a mess (but I know where everything is, for the most part). It also goes without saying that my wife would never let me get a WARDROM.

This crazy thing appears a bit menacing at first glance, what with the spikes and all. I’m sure that they are quite harmless, though I wouldn’t exactly want to throw myself into them. The idea is that you can keep your clothes organized by just throwing them at the wall. They will stay where they land on the spikes for the most part, and you can simply walk over and grab them as needed.

If this weren’t still a concept, I’d probably try and get one. Sadly, there’s no word on whether or not it will actually be mass-produced.

VIA [ Yanko Design ]

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