Want to Snuggle With Bunnies? At The Rabbit Cafe, You Can

Rabbit Cafe

Bunnies. What’s not to love?

I’d say nothing, but parents who’ve had to take care of the pets their kids brought home (but neglected to care for) will have plenty to say about that. Truth be told, there’s a lot of work involved to make sure that the rabbits are well-fed and are living in a clean environment. The thing is, most people, young and old, just want to cuddle with them without having to deal with the mess.

The solution? The Rabbit Cafe. It’s another one of those unusual cafes in Japan that allow people to drop by for some coffee, sandwiches, and cuddle time with bunnies.

Rabbit Cafe1

Rabbit Cafe2

Rabbit Cafe3

Rabbit Cafe4


There’s a space in the cafe where the rabbits are free to roam when they’ve been taken out of their cages. Here’s to hoping that they aren’t allowed to hop all over the place because some people might step on their turds or pee (or worse, step on them.)

VIA [ Incredible Things ]