Want To Be A Better Gamer? Give Yourself Electro Shocks

Want To Be A Better Gamer? Give Yourself Electro Shocks


That would seem to be what the foc.us device is proposing. To be fair, calling it an ‘electroshock’ has incorrect connotations. The company is instead proposing that in order to sharpen your skills, and fine tune your reflexes, you don the above headset and submit your cranium and brain to what’s called “transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), a controversial practice that has seen a minor resurgence in recent years.” The theory is that by passing a low current through your pre-frontal cortex, which controls memory, vigilance and focus among other things, your brain will eventually become better at getting kill streaks on CoD. So does it work? It’s hard to tell.

Studies have shown the practice of tDCS could help in treating depression and certain brain injuries, but there’s only been one study that measured video game performance, and that was only used as a tool to gauge a soldier’s aptitude.

One study is hardly conclusive evidence of anything.

Critics have also questioned why the headset is built to stimulate the prefrontal cortex instead of the motor or visual cortices, which directly affect a person’s reaction time.

Indeed. Until more data is out, we’d suggest holding off on dropping $249 on the device. Then again, if you’re really desperate to try anything to show those kids who swear they’ve seen your mom in various stages of undress who’s boss, then what’s $250 if it might work? Know that if you do order, shipping is expected for July.


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