WANT!: The Orb, A Bluetooth Headset That Turns Into A Ring


By David Ponce

Every now and then you see a product and you just assume that it’s a concept. I mean, heck, it’s just too smart for anyone to be producing it! And every now and then you’d be entirely wrong, like now. The Orb is an actual Bluetooth headset that transforms into a ring and vice-versa. Wear it like a ring and its Flexible OLED (in the Deluxe edition) will display caller info, calendar items and voice-to-text info. Feel like answering? Twist it off and hang it on your ear. Sound is transmitted through bone conduction, so there’s no need to even insert it in your ear. It’s really just brilliant.

The best part is that it’s supposed to be available for purchase in early 2010 for $129 for the regular edition, $175 for Deluxe and going up from there depending on what gemstones people might choose to have embedded into it. It is after all, also a ring.

It’s being developed in partnership between Hybra Advanced Technology and AbsolutelyNew. There’s no product page quite yet.

A close-up picture if you keep reading.


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  1. I ALWAYS take my rings off before going to the bathroom/showering/washing my hands, so this isn’t a problem for me. I just hook them on my glasses, so it’s easy to remember to put them back on XP And if you don’t have glasses, I don’t know what to tell you XD

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